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Treat yourself to the best, most tender Texas-style beef brisket you have ever tasted. We also have Pulled Pork and sliced Pork Tenderloin, Pork Ribs, Pulled Chicken, Half chicken, Turkey Breast, and Bologna. All slowly smoked in our Texas smoker until they are so JUCY! You don’t have to wear a Stetson hat or cowboy boots to know this is serious `cue... We don’t serve it cowboy style around the campfire anymore, but you will enjoy our laid-back setting and friendly folks serving your every need. You will probably meet some of our regulars who have come to lick their fingers with family and friends and meet some new folks.

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Our Philosophy

People here in PeeWee Valley adore our southern-style sides that are made fresh every day and Donna’s Cherry Delight Desert all from old family recipes that we ain't giv'n up! At Jucy's, it’s all about the Bar-B-Q, at affordable prices served with a Texas-sized smile. Come meet the Jucy Man. Do it for your taste buds! Our Texas Style Barbeque Brisket will keep you coming back.

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There is nothing like the original Texas Style BBQ.

Along with longhorns, Stetsons, and cowboy boots, the word "barbeque" is synonymous with the great state of Texas. Next to the weather, barbecue is probably one of the most frequently discussed topics among residents in Lone Star State. Jucy’s version of beef brisket is certified Angus beef that's carefully selected, seasoned, slow-smoked, and sliced or chopped right before your eyes, along with ribs cooked to perfection. Beef brisket, pork ribs, and standard side dishes, such as potato salad and pinto beans, are as much a way of life as are tumbleweeds and open stretches of road. Many claims that the Texas Style BBQ tradition started with cowboys roasting meat in underground pits. Others don't really know why they're so dedicated to their Texas Style BBQ, only that they are and always will be. Every Texas barbeque lover knows that there is nothing like the original Texas Style BBQ sauce. This famous sauce has a sweet and spicy, tomato-based flavor that is thick and delicious. Texas BBQ contains special seasonings and spice mixtures that are added to the meat, usually as a rub before it is smoked. These spices are quite often ones that are readily available everywhere but used very frequently in many of The Lone Star State’s favorite BBQ destinations. Stop in and experience the best hickory-smoked Texas Style BBQ East of the Mississippi. Step up and meet the man, The Jucy Man.

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7626 La Grange Road, Pewee Valley, KY 40056, USA

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11:00 am to 8:00 pm
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